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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
i fixed my camera.

no user serviceable parts my ass.

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YAY for you!!!!

Was this your digi-cam? My lens cover won't close on mine...AND my i-pod is DOA as of this morning. Not a good week for electronics in the Scott house.

it was my digital, and i've been having some serious withdrawal
but it seems to be cooperating now
i had to take it apart and bend some connectors back into place
but they seem to be making the necessary connections
which is nice
of course,
it would help if i didn't drop the thing at least once a week...

so what's a matter with your iPod?
i have heard of the apple store being able to bring dead iPod's
back to life, so you might want to think about running by the old apple store

in other news
after 3 and half years
i'm finally moving into my room
it's really pretty cool
i'm enjoying sleeping in the same place every night
which for me, is still quite a novelty

how's the land of ports these days?

it is good, i am crazy busy with work! and the relationship seems to be going strong so that is good.

i know you are enjoying being in the cruz, but do you have any plans to tour soon? i miss you and would love to be able to eat a Muu-Muu burger with you and catch up.

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