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(no subject)
i only play C&C drums.

c  & c drums

Broken Social Scene - * - Handjobs for the Holidays - * - Broken Social Scene

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I think I need to download that BSS song O_o

i need advice! how do you pack to tour europe? please read my entry, as well.

take lots of power adapters. lots of socks and underware. pack light and do laundry over there. take any tech stuff that you will need as the dollar generally sucks vs. the euro and the pound and you won't believe the markup on electronic goods. are you a mac user? if so, the apple world adapter kit is worth it's weight in gold. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/7200404/wo/DIwYqBcFJoPd2yivN0L1liSjojX/2.SLID?mco=1F805214&nplm=M8794G%2FB

if you have any other questions let me know :)

Hi there, you don't know me--unless possibly you remember me from 20 years ago, but I doubt it. Anyway, I found you via the "schools" feature... you went to St. Luke's in the '80s and so did I, although you're a couple years older than me. I thought I might let you know that Sr. Margaret, the principal from those days, just died last night. I don't have much more information than that, and have no idea whether you're really interested, but since you're apparently the only other St. Luke's person on LJ, I figured I'd spread the word to you.

Hey, Thanks for the heads up. Were in the same class as my brother? he is 2 years younger than me and went to st lukes for 1st and 2nd grade.

I don't know... what's your brother's name? Or yours, for that matter?

Joey Carenza, my brothers name is Michael. He graduated high school in 1996, so you two might have been in the same class.

Do you remember David "DJ" Paterson or Jon Evans by any chance?

Holy crap! Sure, I remember you and your brother. Mike was in my class, and since I'm a Mike also, (Mike Bauer, by the way) there was some big deal back then about how there were FOUR MIKES IN THE SAME CLASS OMG!

Matter of fact, I remember an episode where Sr. Carol in 1st grade was mad at your brother, and she tried to pull him up out of his desk, only he held onto the desk and so she just drug him out of the room, desk and all and basically tossed him into the hallway. Great times.

Your Dad is some bigtime soccer guy or something, right?

Sure, DJ and Jon are both still in a file in the back of my head somewhere... I remember DJ as being "a really big kid." But I think I heard he's married recently or something? I don't know. His sister Mary was in my class. Maybe it was HER who just got married. Jon had two sisters, Jenny who was a year older than me and Jessica who was a year younger. I don't remember much about Jon, but I remember that Jenny was the hottest girl in school. I was kind of a dork back then (still am!), and I remember quite vividly to this day the look on Jenny's face when somebody from my class told her I liked her (which wasn't even true!). It was a look of pure disgust, burned forever into my brain. Thanks for reminding me, old pal!

holy crap is right, talk about memory lane!!

i totally remember when my brother did that, it was such the event.

the Carenza boys have always been in some kind of trouble.
And yes, my Dad is one of those soccer guys. It sorta runs in our family.

and speaking of the Evans girls, i once got caught making out with one of them in their room by their mom!! i was spending the night at Jon's and after he fell asleep i snuck up to her room and we were totally going at it when her mom caught us. of course i was in 3rd grade, so what we were going at i'm not really sure, but that too was a scandal.

And DJ, he taught me how to cuss and how to fight. We would get into at least one fist fight a week back in the day, but we were still pretty good friends.

Some other names, Laura Beck, Cara Rosamano, Tim McNabb, ... ring any bells?

If they weren't so expensive I'd get a set for my boyfriend.

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