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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
These guys crack me up, they're always good for a laugh!

think straight

Space Ghost - * - Baloney Sandwich - * - Space Ghost's Surf & Turf

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Does this mean there is hope for you?

oh there's no hope for me

once you've gone to the dark side

you've evil for life ;)

Wes asked me tonight if boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls... I told him by the time it mattered for him, it would probably be legal. But even if it wasn't, he could still do what he wanted and take it to the man.

That....makes me.....so....angry.

I will never trust anything with the word "fox" in it.

i can't believe it's real.

but it IS funny. seriously.
just a HUGE reminder that people are unbelievably narrow-minded and just... plain crazy!

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