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General Question:

I'm seeing this happen quite a bit more these days, especially in formal writing in class, and it really troubles me... So can anyone clear this up, should there be one or two spaces between a period ending a sentence and the beginning of the next sentence?

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Technically one...

...unless it's written on a typewriter.

Word processed documents don't require it, but many people (myself included) tend to use a double space before a new sentance as a matter of habit.

Either form is acceptable, but the double space is no longer required.

Writer's guidelines for magazines and such generally ask you not to use it now.

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One, the reason being is that modern day fonts account for the space after the period and when a new sentence begins. Before when using monospaced typewriters, you were told to use two spaces for better readability. But the word processor has done away with that.

Thank you sir. Have you made any progress on the camera? You might have some luck contacting Canon directly.

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