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You know what sucks:

Realizing at 11:00pm you have a 1,050 word paper on Managerial Ethics and Legal Compliance with Title VII due at midnight.

You know what rules?

Writing and turning in that paper in less than an hour.

Signed sealed and delivered, APA citations and everything. Sometimes I scare myself with how good I'm getting at generating copy.

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hey well done!

lol .. the eternal student experience ;)

i have serious OCT (Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies)

so this kind of thing usually doesn't happen to me,

but it's to know that in a pinch

i can hunt and peck my way towards a paper in no time flat

I always wished I was one of those people who started and finished early.

I am doing slightly better at that in my PhD .. but it can be hard! everything is new, and I have this a) need to cover all contingencies, which is impossible as I am learning the darned stuff and b) this fear of stuffing up even if that is allowable, as I am jsut learning!

still. yes, getting stuff done early rocks and knowing that you can pull an assignment out of the hat if you need to also rocks

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