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Birmingham, England

Tonights show (The Get Up Kids and Koufax) was alright, no problems, decent crowd, i can't complain. we only have one more show here in the UK (manchester 1-15-03) then it's back to the states for three mid-west shows. Gotta love a little mid-western rock in the middle of winter, whoa-who! On a side note, due to our hectic daily schedule, i've had zero time for food, hence, todays marked the THIRD day in a row i've eaten McDonald's for dinner. Shoots, travel over the pond just suck off Ronald, for fucks sake, how American can you get.

Well, the countdown has begun, i'm not sure exactly what it is, 6 or 7 days, but soon i will see *her*, i miss her so goddamn much i can't even put it into words.

i've got a ton of stuff to do when i get home: start a band, get my booking agency up and running, create a website, get Face To Face stuff ready for the summer tours, actually learn Excel and Filemaker, go on some day trips around the bay area, and hopefully start finishing something i left undone back in '97. I've gots shit to do YO.

Allright, thats all for now, miss i had more energy to write longer, but bus calls at 9 and i'm no where near ready for bed.

'night ya'll.
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