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(no subject)
In case anyone has had any doubts as to whether college classes online (via the U of Phoenix) were somehow "easier" than those offered in a bricks and mortar environment, just remember this, we have to fit a semester long class into 5 weeks.

So when you take a class like Business Law, you get reading assignments like the one I have this week

- Read Chapters: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 21 in addition to the supplemental articles, write a 1050 word paper, write a 1050 word team paper, submit an outline for the final team paper, answer two 300 word Discussion questions, submit a weekly 300 word summary, as well as comment daily (you're graded on the quality of your comments) on other students posts. So yeah, it's not like easy or whatever...

Week 3 kicks my ass

Broken Social Scene - * - Cause = Time - * - You Forgot It In People

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(Deleted comment)
it gets a little crazy sometimes, with the workload
but i have to admit, i feel like i get so much more
out of the classes than i ever did in the semester
or quarter format. The total immersion method
really works for me, but i could see how most people
would not be into it at all.

10 week quarters move quickly, eh?
in school for 3 weeks and people are already having midterms.

Did you really mean you need to write a 1050 page paper?

Man, I'm glad I'm out. :)

fixed that, i meant to say 1050 word ;)

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