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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
poet and didn't know it

This is the best bathroom haiku i've ever seen, ever.
Found in the mens at the Black Sheep club in
Colorado Springs, CO where we played last night.
This haiku works on so many levels
i wish the writer had signed it...

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Driving past the Bluebird on my way home the other night I saw STRUNG OUT on the marquee.

"Isn't that the band Joey's touring with? Shit."

Why couldn't you be touring with Gang of Four?
Then I could have said hello.

no worries

if i ever hit the road with the gang i'll let you know ;)

I like latrinalia. One of my favorites was in a public restroom at Ft. Meade, written above a urinal:

Here I sit on the pooper
Giving birth to a state trooper.

this is the coolest.....made my day.

A Haiku this beautiful really makes me long to write one so great of my own.

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