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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
ok, iTunes 6 is pretty neat.
i just bought the first episode of
Desperate Housewives
(i've never seen a single episode)
now if only i had an iPod video....
well, somethings must wait i guess
instead, i had to buy a new stupid printer
the canon iP90... who-ray.

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i ordered an ipod video yesterday! i forgot to post that in my journal! it's my first ipod ever!!!! (well, ok that is a lie..i have a 1st generation 5gb ipod that weighs 8000 pounds, is like an inch thick, and only works with my mac...so it's not very much like an ipod)

right now i am very green with envy

you lucky duckling

i just finished the first season on DVD yesterday

so good.

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