Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

Day Three.

So far The Get Up Kids Euro 2003 tour has been a hoot. Of course, I’ve spent the entire time so far being very sick. I have a sinus infection and the flu plus a cold plus I think I have an eye infection, which sucks. But beyond that, it’s been quite pleasant. We’ve got our old friend Steve from England driving us again and the bus is actually quite amazing this time, almost as nice as an American bus (except I can’t stand straight up anywhere on the bus… I’m too tall!!)

Last night was the first show and it was a club called New Backstage in Munich, right in the heart of Braveria which I’m told is a lot like Texas, because the region used to be it’s own country. Anyhoot, the show went well, and that says a lot, Euro clubs can be very iffy. For instance, before sound check, two out of three of our amps got fried due to 220~110 power conversion issues, so that meant Alex, Brett and I spent most of the day taking apart a Vox 2x12 combo amp and an Ampeg all tube bass head…… not fun. But we got the Ampeg working, however, the Vox has a fried input transformer so we’re kinda ass out on that one for a couple days. Hooray!

On a plus note, Ulee, the German promoter rep, got me some fabulous drugs from a Rok Doc (a doctor who likes rock and roll and will trade his wares for free admission and t-shirts, there’s one in every town) and even as I type this, I can feel myself getting better. I can breathe through my nose for the first time in days and I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out every time I stand up. Hooray for drugs.

Still, the best part so far, and excuse me for being mushy, is when I checked my e-mail yesterday, I had two very nice e-mails for Emily (*her*!!!). They totally made my day. This boy is hooked like a catfish on a hotdog line.

Okay, I’m feeling better, but still not great, so I’ve got to lay down for a little while before load in.

It’s 12:02 pm here in Germany, but it’s 3:03 am in Santa Cruz. Good night ya’ll!

T G U K set-list Munich @ New Backstage

Stay Gone
On the Roof
Wouldn’t Believe (new)
Anne Arbor
Worst Idea
I’m a loner Dottie
Lost In The Light (new)
Kansas (campfire)
Sick in her Skin (new)
Amy (don’t hate me)
Never Tear Us Apart (by INXS)
10 Minutes



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