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if we can just get out of...

Chicago, IL
House of Blues

i don't have chicago friends like i used to. i'm bad, no i'm an ass when it comes to staying in contact, it's a sickness, with me, but if only everyone knew just how much i think about them, and miss them, and hold them so closely to my heart...
whenever i see someone i haven't talked to in a long time, we seem to pick up the conversation like we never missed a beat, it's amazing, but what people don't know, is that in my brain, we haven't stopped talking, this whole time i've just been waiting for the next line, so here's the first volley, can you return this serve?

i've been thinking of moving here for years, but no longer. i love chicago, i always will, but it's still to close to st louis, and i need to be away.

my plan this tour was to work at this shit... this shit that is fucking with my head and my life, but i'm not, i'm just getting by, going through the motions, i'm not getting better. but even so, at least i'm getting some time to just work, i need that, it's the OCD in my heart.

i'm of several minds, and this happens all the time,
but often i need to just be away.
so i am.
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