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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Kaiser Chiefs - * - You Can Have It All - * - Employment

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your hair has attitude, and I love it.

it takes some serious work
to let ones bedhead get this sassy ;)

do tell! pomade? root boost? how do you work your magic?

I need a different, more-fun 'do, but I don't know what it would be.

part one: i don't wash my hair very often. i shower everyday, sometimes twice, but i just rinse my hair out really well.

part two: i don't comb or brush my hair either

part three: i pretty much only use Aveda products, and the ones i use the most are these:



they pretty much rule.

do they cancel each other out? what's the texture like?

I still haven't found a pomade to replace my favorite. :( I've tried so many.

i use the blue one on the sides and back
and the white one on the top

i always love how your pictures come out, and the lighting and background look cool as always.

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