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(no subject)
the mall

we played a mall yesterday.
in edmonton.
it was freaking huge.

the mall

there was a giant water park, in the mall

i ate at the food court 3 times

Kaiser Chiefs - * - You Can Have It All - * - Employment

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West Edmonton Mall is ridiculously huge. I wonder if the dolphins are still there.

the dolphin was sent to a
retirement home for aquatic show animals in florida
(i'm not even kidding)
where he peacefully lived out his days
he died though

now they have a seal that does show tunes in a bow tie...
(i'm not even kidding)

thats fucking awesome ;-;

it's a hoot

total retail overload

i gave it an 8

d00d. I've always wanted to go there.

Are you passing by Toronto anytime soon?

Sept 29th at the Opera House

let me know and i'll put you on the list

I think I can make that. If you've got room for two, that would be great. Put it under Fred :)

I shall take pics!!!

Got you down plus 1 and a photo pass

Booyaka. You are the man. It shall be nice to meet you :)

wow! water parks in malls?!?!?!
thats just about the greatest thing ever
where isi t at?

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