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(no subject)
Crazy Canadian Fans

preggo lady fan

This girl was 9 months preggo and getting married in 5 hours (to the brother of the other girl in the photo). Her fiance is a huge Strung Out fan, so she waited outside the bus (making her late to get her hair did for the wedding) so she could get the band to sign her very pregnant belly...

preggo lady belly

I see some weird ass shit in my line of work.

Thrice - * - Blood Clots And Black Holes - * - The Artist In The Ambulance

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Oh hell, i didn't even mention that we weren't at a show!! That day was a drive/travel day and we were in some small town in the mountains of Canada parked in front of a Dairy Queen!!! I shit you not, you couldn't make this stuff up.

i was just going to mention the dairy queen... hee!

life is almost better than the internet

who the fuck are Strung Out? lol

what band are you workin for now?

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