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there is really something wrong with me

The Shins - * - Kissing The Lipless - * - Chutes Too Narrow

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That is awesome. how do you do that kinda stuff?
I need to do more cool stuff.

i use Adobe Image Ready

it's really easy actually once third_apostle

showed me how to do it

oh i love this, the background looks awesome and so does your hair


the background is actually a bathroom
at this club called Red's in Edmonton

i took the photo's while going to the bathroom

how artsy fartys right?

damn, thats one cool bathroom.
haha how spontanious :)
i gotta take more pictures in random places.

This is the cutest thing ever.

i'm always happy when the sight of me doesn't break the camera ;)

oh yes

to blame is he the one

(that was Yoda speak)

(i think)

Nice job.
that's hypnotizing

thanks ;)

i think i'm driver all of my friends
mad with all my .GIFfy action

haha i love it though. you are so silly, it's perfect for you.

i am a bit of a corndog at times

(ok, all the time)

(Deleted comment)
i recently started making little videos with my digicam, and i was wondering how i can upload them up on the internet and to my lj... any help advice would help,ty

This isn't a movie actually,
it's just a series of photos joined together in a .gif file.
I use Adobe ImageReady to do it.
I host them online at
and then use xJournal to post
since it has the simplest tools for
doing quick html links

(Deleted comment)
we will do some photo workshopping when i get home

it'll be a hoot

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