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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
there is really something wrong with me

The Shins - * - Kissing The Lipless - * - Chutes Too Narrow

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That is awesome. how do you do that kinda stuff?
I need to do more cool stuff.

i use Adobe Image Ready

it's really easy actually once third_apostle

showed me how to do it

oh i love this, the background looks awesome and so does your hair


the background is actually a bathroom
at this club called Red's in Edmonton

i took the photo's while going to the bathroom

how artsy fartys right?

damn, thats one cool bathroom.
haha how spontanious :)
i gotta take more pictures in random places.

This is the cutest thing ever.

i'm always happy when the sight of me doesn't break the camera ;)

oh yes

to blame is he the one

(that was Yoda speak)

(i think)

thanks ;)

i think i'm driver all of my friends
mad with all my .GIFfy action

haha i love it though. you are so silly, it's perfect for you.

i am a bit of a corndog at times

(ok, all the time)

(Deleted comment)
i recently started making little videos with my digicam, and i was wondering how i can upload them up on the internet and to my lj... any help advice would help,ty

This isn't a movie actually,
it's just a series of photos joined together in a .gif file.
I use Adobe ImageReady to do it.
I host them online at fotki.com
and then use xJournal to post
since it has the simplest tools for
doing quick html links

(Deleted comment)
we will do some photo workshopping when i get home

it'll be a hoot

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