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(no subject)
I just got the coolest Mag-Lite upgrade at the REI Store here in Seattle!!

It's the coolest, it replaces the incandescent bulb with an 3 LED's and it rules.

Nite ize are th ebest kind of ize

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My brother works for Nite Ize, and sells those for a living. Weird. You should check out the LED frisbees...they are a must.

good right now. i love seattle. i love you in seattle. come visit us, please. we need you omnipotent presence. saw the decemberists last night - boring band live. sons and daughters was a good gig though. give me blonde redhead! ryan needs to play the drums. you should call him. how are you? do you know my email? miss you. joey pic time.

those lights are so feeakin bright haha

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