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(no subject)
this freakin' spider is freakin' huge

freakin' yikes
holy crap spidey guy, your ass need to go before the roomies get home and shit fear bricks the size of James Bond bullion
He's been hanging out all day in our doorway and I'm not to sure what to do about him. He doesn't move much, but he is alive. I assume that she (see how i switched that just there, sinner) is eating her weight in bugs but man, it freaks me out every time i have to go through the doorway. I don't want to kill it, so i'll have to organize a rescue and relocation mission before the roomies get home, because if they see that thing, all their Santa Cruz reservations about peace harmony and the general doctrine of "live and let live" will fly out the door and they'll demand i kill that bitch. I have no problem with the general eradication of insects that are visibly staking a claim to my immediate living area, but part of me respects this cat for getting so damn big and gnarly looking. Of course, it's not the smartest spider in the world, we have a garage full of ones this size that live in relative peace since no one dares venture in there for much. Well, we'll just have to move this little critter over to the garage and see if he can't make more of a home in there.

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s/he's gnarly!

the russians have a surperstition that says if you kill a spider, it'll rain.

if that's true
i better not kill it
my car is missing a window!!

aw!! Theres a spider in my front window he's so cool to stare at :D

i dig spiders
as long as they are not
in my bedroom
that kinda freaks me out

they are totally more fun to watch than tv though
which is nice ;)

I do to. Just if they arent in my room or on me ;-;

She's thinking that "if I pull this off, I'll eat like royalty got weeks."

"harmless garden spiders"....

I have a few spiders like that. They scare the sh*t out of me.
but still "it's just a harmless garden spider".
Coming from me. That's a lot.
If such a beast is anywhere near where I have to pass through, it'll meet the weed whacker.

when I have a spider I get dad :) but we have a spider catching jar .. put it over the spider, slip paper/lid behind it, take it outside and dispose of said spider.

pretty cool looking spider though

You should take a picture with it next to a coin so that we can get a sense of just how ginourmous it is...


Damn how silly of me! I know better.
I should have at least used a pencil or something
hopefully he'll be there when i get back
seeing how over the last 12 hours she's moved
about a half an inch....

that thing is disgusting.
it will eat you in your sleep.

I'm pretty sure she's a barn spider;
like in the classic story Charlotte's Web.
Mighty orb web weavers!

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