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the end of the year.
here's to things that happened,
here's to things that should have,
and here's to things in the future.
(what a generic toast)
i'm a little groggy,
i think i was/or am getting sick,
but i've been sleeping a bunch,
so it's sorta being kept at bay,
cheers to Claritin for keeping the allergies
in check.

this is the dumbest entry ever,
all i want to do is type things about *her*,
but i'm trying to write about other stuff too
so as not to sound to single-minded,
but really she's all i'm thinking about,
at the moment,
i'm wondering if she actually ate breakfast,
or just called a diet coke and toast a meal.

It's the end of the year,
i'm in the 831,
*she* is too,
things are good.

real good.
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