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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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The Get Up Kids EuroAsia 2003 Tour
2003-01-05 Munich, Germany New Backstage w/ Koufax
2003-01-06 Stuttgart, Germany Rohre w/ Koufax
2003-01-07 Cologne, Germany Kantine w/ Koufax
2003-01-08 Bochum, Germany Zeche w/ Koufax
2003-01-09 Bremen, Germany Schlachthof w/ Koufax
2003-01-10 Will, Switzerland Remise w/ Koufax
2003-01-11 Hasselt, Belgium Muziek-o-Droom w/ Koufax
2003-01-12 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg w/ Koufax
2003-01-13 London, England ULU w/ Koufax
2003-01-14 Birmingham, England Academy 2 w/ Koufax
2003-01-15 Manchester, England University w/ Koufax
2003-01-17 Madison, WI Barrymore Theatre
2003-01-18 St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nites
2003-01-19 Chicago, IL House of Blues
2003-02-28 Nagoya, Japan Club Quattro
2003-03-01 Osaka, Japan On Air Osaka
2003-03-03 Tokyo, Japan Ax
2003-03-04 Tokyo, Japan Ax

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Don't be.
If you notice, on the Euro run, we don't have a single day off!!! That means it will be a constant rush to get to shows, set up, sound check, and then fix gear that breaks before the show each day. This hardly leaves time to eat, let alone actually see anything. Then to top it off, we fly back to the US and do four shows right in a row, forget jet lag, i'll be in a coma!!!

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