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The Get Up Kids EuroAsia 2003 Tour

2003-01-05 Munich, Germany New Backstage w/ Koufax
2003-01-06 Stuttgart, Germany Rohre w/ Koufax
2003-01-07 Cologne, Germany Kantine w/ Koufax
2003-01-08 Bochum, Germany Zeche w/ Koufax
2003-01-09 Bremen, Germany Schlachthof w/ Koufax
2003-01-10 Will, Switzerland Remise w/ Koufax
2003-01-11 Hasselt, Belgium Muziek-o-Droom w/ Koufax
2003-01-12 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg w/ Koufax
2003-01-13 London, England ULU w/ Koufax
2003-01-14 Birmingham, England Academy 2 w/ Koufax
2003-01-15 Manchester, England University w/ Koufax
2003-01-17 Madison, WI Barrymore Theatre
2003-01-18 St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nites
2003-01-19 Chicago, IL House of Blues
2003-02-28 Nagoya, Japan Club Quattro
2003-03-01 Osaka, Japan On Air Osaka
2003-03-03 Tokyo, Japan Ax
2003-03-04 Tokyo, Japan Ax
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