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The Plan for Tuesday 8-23-05 (AKA: Joey's Birthday Celebration Plans Version 0001)
Ok, here's the rough plan:

The Plan for Tuesday 8-23-05 (AKA: Joey's Birthday Celebration Plans Version 0002)

AM: Emily and i are heading over the hill to do a little retail therapy and to
seriously wreck on insides with lunch at Taco Bravo. Then we'll head back over
and go home to recover, then the evenings portion of the program will take place;

6:30 pm - Dinner at the Red come by and have a drink even if you're not eating
8:00ish - We head down to the Boardwalk to catch the end of .65cent night
10:30 - We head back to the Redroom for drinks and sugar-free cheesecake!!
late night: all bets are off

(ps - no gifts are needed, just bring yo-self)

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(Deleted comment)
!! Wait!

It's not until tomorrow!!

everything is going down on the 23rd ;)

I sat upstairs at Red for awhile last night
waiting for everyone to arrive.
No one said a thing
even after I announced my reason for being there.
Finally Emily gently informed me your bday dinner is tues.
'cause she was making the cheesecake.

I'm such an idiot.

I have a meeting with a new client this evening at 6pm.
A long day for me but I will try to come by for the late part.
I do have a little something for you btw.

Happy Birthday Joey!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!HAPPY BIRTHDHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! oh yeah!! I hope its a killer one <3 Tara

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