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Netflix Bastards!!
In case you ever need to call Netflix, don't bother looking for a number on their website, because it's not there!! Bastards. I had to do a google search to find their number. Luckily, some guy has had the same problem and he keeps their number posted on his site HackingNetFlix.com

FYI: The number for NetFlix is 1-800-585-8131 and 1-800-638-3549

just got this from Netflix, my idea was for them to go fuck themselves....

Dear Netflix User,

We appreciate your recent feedback about the Netflix service. Due to
the overwhelming number of great ideas we get from customers such as
yourself, we cannot reply to every customer individually
. However,
all comments and suggestions are forwarded to the appropriate
departments for review and consideration.

If you have a question you need answered right away, please visit
our online Help Center at http://www.netflix.com/Help. It covers a
wide variety of commonly asked questions.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Netflix makes every effort to
maintain its site and strives to give its customers the best DVD
experience possible.

Your Friends at Netflix

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Why did you have to call them?

I was thinking that I was needing to contact them, because it seems that their turnaround time is getting worse. They don't always send the same day they receive. And twice they've send the wrong DVD in the sleeve. I'm considering switching to the Busters of Block.

Netflix sent me an email saying that they had received a white envelope and no disc, when in fact, i sent the disc back without the white envelope. So i wanted to see what they meant, it took forever to find the number, i had to google it, bastards. So then i call them and the guy has no idea, he's just like, it doesn't matter, we'll just report it lost and send you new movies.... But i wanted to make sure i wasn't going to get charged and to make sure that they get them since i sent them. He really didn't care one way or the other.

I don't want to go with Blockbuster because the are controlled by Christian Conservatives and actively censor movies. I just want Netflix to work....

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