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we're not worthy

Milwaukee, WI
The Rave

this is the worst place in the country to play. i don't think you could design a worse sounding room if you tried. when you walk in, you can still here the last show echoing of the walls. on the flip-side, the rave has the best dressing/backsatge rooms bar none, the staff is pretty cool and the building is an old Eagles (sort of like the Masons) hall, which both Scott (f2f) and I find to be extremely exciting.

a girl who lives/lived here
her name is Ina
she was born in russia
if you know her, please tell her
to get a hold of me
i miss talking to her

Milwaukee is a lot like st louis, it's a moment from boom or bust, at this moment things don't look so good, the midwest could use enama.

i used to have friends here too

i haven't talked to any girls on this tour yet, and i guess i should be. i'm single now. this really hasn't happened to me before, being single and on tour. Shannon and i started dating pretty soon after i started touring, and this is the first tour i've been on since we broke up (i didn't go on tour while i was married, in fact, i didn't do much of anything but feel sorry for myself, i'm such a fucker) anyway, i feel like i should be at least trying to talk to girls, but i'm so out of it, i've got no game, i think girls can tell how lame i am, it's pretty pathetic. but in some ways, i feel stupid, it's such a cliche, trying to hook up on tour, really, i would just rather watch tv or read a magazine (i'm so nervous lately i can't sit still long enought to read a book, which sucks) but i would really love to just kiss someone tonight. oh well, there's cookies on the bus, so i got that going for me, which is nice.



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