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the thing is, he paints light, he is a painter of light, can you even begin to understand, to comprehend what that means, he paints light, Kinkade, a true visionary, a man for all age, doing brisk business in wonderful Las Vegas

painter of light, fuck yeah

The Clash - * - Wrong 'Em Boyo - * - London Calling

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Every landscape painter is the "painter of light". Mostly, he does things that match people's couches and don't offend their great-aunt Erma.

No, he is a genius. He is THE Painter of Light.

There will always be the dream
of peace on earth whilst The
Painter of Light illuminates with
his brush. Give thanks to the
heavens for this seraphic

Luminism? Is that for real?

He seems to think it is
he's claiming mad pimpness
history will be the judge though.....

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