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Steinbeck would have hurled

We (she and me) went south to Monterey,
we walked around Cannery Row,
ate shrimp Po'boys and got gawked at
by tourists.
We have fun together.

(on a sidenote, any kind of
romantic notion you may have about
Cannery Row should be put to bed,
what was once a dirty, dark, sexy and
dangerous place,
it's now just a tourist trap
for yuppie tourists, still,
if you can stomach that part of it,
the scenery if frickin' beautiful,
so amazing, even for Monterey Bay,
which is out of this earth,
but Cannery Row, lame)

So after that, we headed further south to
check out the 17 mile drive,
8 bucks to drive a 17 mile loop of
amazing oceanscape, not to mention it's
a driving tour of the homes of
some of the richest people on the planet.
So by this point is was driving,
and i discovered a new multi-tasking talent,
i can talk on the phone and drive stick at the same time.

Now i'm back at Shannon and Dan's
hanging with the pigs,
checking e-mail and watching MNF,
and i'm so blissed out...
because i totally can smell her on my clothes,
taste her lipstick on my lips,
and see her smile in my head.
Oh the thoughts that run through this boys head...

The rest of the evening will be spent re-wiring
my pedal board, watching a dvd,
playing guitar and eating hot dogs,
(i'm a multi-tasking master)

Anyone got any dvd rental ideas?



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