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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
An Oldie

nice beard a-hole

Rilo Kiley - * - My Slumbering Heart - * - The Execution Of All Things

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oh god, that beard.
i do NOT miss that beard.

It's so weird
I forgot I once loooked like that!!

Maybe I'll grow one next winter.....

Ok maybe not ;)

nice shirt, lifetime reunion at hellfest. crazy.

i like the beard
and this picture

damn... i love this... i love the beard and glasses on you :)

Wrong wall

Ha! Those picture are on the wrong wall. They're next to to the heater. That IS an oldie. I forgot we used to have our living room set up like that. Yes Joey, you look hot with those glasses and that beard... blah blah blah... but damn that's a sexy guitar you're holding!

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