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(no subject)
Ok, it looks like i'm hitting the road again soon, this time with a mariachi band!!!

I'll be the tour accountant for the fabulous Pepe Aquilar!!

Basically, i'll be getting paid to sit in the production office and do excel and quicken all day

Pretty sweet.

Bass Basics - Dale Titus and Albert Nigro - * - Examples Of Minor Arpeggios In Several Keys - * - Bass Basics - Dale Titus And Albert Nigro

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i wanted to tour with a mariachi band.

really. i told my mom when i was 12. i said, "mom, i want to be a mariachi."

i am so excited for you. seriously.

i'm excited too!!

i really am

i'm tired of dumb punk and indie bands

plus, mariachis have sexier costumes.

this one time in cabo san lucas, my uncle got a wild hair up his ass and requested that the mariachis play my grandmother "guantanamera" over and over and over. they cornered her and wouldn't let her leave the table. they made about $100 and my grandmother was in tears from embarassment at the end of it all. it was one of the most amazingly hilarious moments in my life.

Música muy emocionante y encantadora!

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