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Well, here it is. This situation can go on no longer. I'm out, I'm done, i have a ticket home and i can't stand another minute of it. I'm done with The Bravery and their neediness. It's over. As of 7-11-05 i will no longer be on tour with the bravery. Their manager and I finalized the plans yesterday and ever since i have been in a simply blissful mood. I can't stop smiling; and i even turned my laptop off last night and watched a movie on tv before going to bed.

What happened? No one thing happened. Let's just say there are creative differences, i don't like them, they don't like me, splitting up is a win/win situation. Sure it would have been nice to see the dressing rooms of venues all over parts of the world i haven't been to, like the Sydney airport, or the Jakarta Holiday Inn, but I'm over it. In fact, i was over it the day i got here.

I'm not good at doing things for my own good. This tour, had i stayed on through december, would have put me in great shape financially. I most likely could have put a down payment on a house and paid off all my student loans. I think most people would agree that that sort of thing is good for a person. But what that really would mean is that i would be doing this just for the money, and as anyone who really knows me knows, i suck at just doing things for the money. Basically it came down to this, i'd rather be poor and be at home hanging out with Mia than spending one more minute wiping the asses of a bunch of spoiled new kids on the block.

So there it is. I fly home tomorrow. I'm not even sure if the band knows. I am quite sure that i don't care if they do.

In other news, it's a long shot, but there is a chance i might be out on the Warped Tour for a couple weeks starting the last day of July. That would be a nice touch, a cool way to end the summer; but, even if that doesn't happen, I'm happy to be going home.

Thank you and goodnight.

Broken Social Scene - * - Pitter Patter Goes My Heart - * - You Forgot It In People

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*hugs* good for you...:) happiness, being content is far more important than money...

take care!

"as anyone who really knows me knows, i suck at just doing things for the money. "

and that is one of my very favorite things about you.
there is no way anyone could ever call you a sell out.
we love you to pieces.
jack's burgers soon.

oh no!
well i'm glad you will be happier, that is really all that matters.
i am just sad i won't get to see you at lollapalooza :( ..but i will throw things at those guys when they're on stage (actually no i won't, because there's no way in hell i'll be watching them anyway..haha!)

I'm glad you got out. It was apparent you were miserable doing it. On to better things!

I have learned that you can't put a pricetag on personal happiness.
Good for you!

Safe traveling & it will be great to have you home ... for awhile.

Way to follow your heart - right's right.
Sounds like you made a good move.

im happy for you and the people that love you that youre going home to


If you do some warped tour dates starting the end of July that means you might be in Pgh and I could meet you. Let me know.

Good for you, luv... you still put the awesome in awesomeness and I will still see you in STL at some point soon (or else!).


well done
love, laura from st. lou

cheers to you friend. its a wise decision. as much as id say i work for happiness and not money, you take the cake. way to stick to your guns!!

i am proud of you. always.

Just before turning 30 he became a grown-up.
I am guessing you won't be coming to the land pf ports in sept. then?
let me know of your whereabouts
i would love to see you
to talk about.

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