Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

A brief rundown:


Belfort, France
Leave festival at 4am
drive towards Paris for Vogue Photo shoot
5:00am go to bed in bunk
9:00am Drivers wakes me up to till me we hit traffic and we won't be
able to make it into Paris, we stop and find hotel to shower
2:30 hop into cabs into paris for shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth
6:30pm i head back to hotel to advance US tour, bands heads into Paris to drink


3:00am Bus call to Frankfurt. Band is late, we end up leaving at 4:00am
4:15am hit my bunk
5:30am driver wakes me up, the bus has broken down
the nightmare begins, show in Frankfurt is cancelled


2:00am still awake, no sleep, we decide to make a run for our money to get to Switzerland for the show tonight
Commandeer 2 cabs, make 3 runs from the truck stop into Reims (total cab bill $550)
6:00am take train from Reims to Paris
7:42 am arrive Paris, hop into cabs (7 of them) and head to Airport
8:50 am arrive airport
9:45 check in, my band AMEX has been shut off (the fucking bands biz manager didn't pay the bill), i buy 10 plane tickets to Geneva on my credit card
10:15 Air France employees go on strike and the airport grinds to a halt
10:45 check in a second time, pay 2400 euros in excess baggage
11:30 plane boards
12:00pm we actually leave on time
1:10 arrive Geneva
1:50 go through customs
2:30pm get in vans to Montreaux
4:00 arrive Montraux go right to soundcheck
4-9pm press and bullshit

the future:

10:40pm band on stage
11:40pm pack up and shower and eat/load out


2:00am get in van to drive to Zurich
5:00am arrive Zurich check in
7:00am fly to Copenhagen
8:40am arrive Copenhagen
lay over
10:10 depart Copenhagen for Kristiansand, Norway
11:10 Arrive Kristiansand
Head to festival
2:00pm press starts
6:00pm on stage

the madness continues...

OMD - * - Locomotion - * - OMD
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