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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
A brief rundown:


Belfort, France
Leave festival at 4am
drive towards Paris for Vogue Photo shoot
5:00am go to bed in bunk
9:00am Drivers wakes me up to till me we hit traffic and we won't be
able to make it into Paris, we stop and find hotel to shower
2:30 hop into cabs into paris for shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth
6:30pm i head back to hotel to advance US tour, bands heads into Paris to drink


3:00am Bus call to Frankfurt. Band is late, we end up leaving at 4:00am
4:15am hit my bunk
5:30am driver wakes me up, the bus has broken down
the nightmare begins, show in Frankfurt is cancelled


2:00am still awake, no sleep, we decide to make a run for our money to get to Switzerland for the show tonight
Commandeer 2 cabs, make 3 runs from the truck stop into Reims (total cab bill $550)
6:00am take train from Reims to Paris
7:42 am arrive Paris, hop into cabs (7 of them) and head to Airport
8:50 am arrive airport
9:45 check in, my band AMEX has been shut off (the fucking bands biz manager didn't pay the bill), i buy 10 plane tickets to Geneva on my credit card
10:15 Air France employees go on strike and the airport grinds to a halt
10:45 check in a second time, pay 2400 euros in excess baggage
11:30 plane boards
12:00pm we actually leave on time
1:10 arrive Geneva
1:50 go through customs
2:30pm get in vans to Montreaux
4:00 arrive Montraux go right to soundcheck
4-9pm press and bullshit

the future:

10:40pm band on stage
11:40pm pack up and shower and eat/load out


2:00am get in van to drive to Zurich
5:00am arrive Zurich check in
7:00am fly to Copenhagen
8:40am arrive Copenhagen
lay over
10:10 depart Copenhagen for Kristiansand, Norway
11:10 Arrive Kristiansand
Head to festival
2:00pm press starts
6:00pm on stage

the madness continues...

OMD - * - Locomotion - * - OMD

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Ok, I no longer want your job.
Sorry man, that bites. Hope the travel and plans get better.

those damn french are always striking

lazy frogs

Oh sweet Jesus. With luck like that, you'd think you were being punished for eating babies or something.

sounds like madness indeed...

I just wanted to say, I really enjoy the pic and stuff you post...thank you. I know I don't comment enough...but I wanted you to know I really do enjoy your LJ :)


dam buddy thats some hectic stuff there , long time no see hope to see you sometime soon

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