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Good almost afternoon.
I think there's a gas leak in Santa Cruz,
Whenever i'm here i feel sleepy and lazy,
which isn't awful,
and i don't really have anything to do today,
(at least not in the pressing issue areas,
there's always that feeling that in the bigger picture,
i should be doing something)

There have been huge storms rolling through these parts,
i love it,
it reminds me of those spring midwestern storms
that just come screaming in and dump tons of rain.

The waves here have been unreal,
you wouldn't believe how different the beach looks during the summer,
shoots, there isn't even a beach right now,
the water is all the way up to the sidewalk in some places.

So it's four days till christmas,
i'm not ready, but thats okay,
i could really use a 30 day delay on x-mas,
but what can you do.

Time seems to stop lately, when i'm around her.
Things just feel okay, like no worries okay.
Last night i didn't go to the rock party
instead we stayed in, colored pictures and had corn dogs,
is it weird that i had an amazing time?
Don't get me wrong, i love to rock, and i need to rock,
it's just part of who i am,
but it's not all of who i am,
and that is a wonderful thing,
knowing that there is more to you than you even knew.
Plus, i'm just plain crazy over her.

Yesterday i became the proud owner of one of those fun new
Crest toothbrushes that has the spinning head,
do you know the ones i speak of?
they're like five bucks,
one button operation,
replaceable head,
I have now experienced a life long dream of brushing my teeth
while peeing at the same time.
Guys, you know how hard this can be,
girls, lets just say, just because you're pointing the thing
one direction, it doesn't mean the stream actually goes that way.
But now, with this hot new toothbrush,
i can stand still,
and fight tooth decay,
all at the same time.
multi-tasking bliss.

I think Danny P and i are going shopping,
which is fun.

Hope everyone is having a great saturday!
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