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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Helsinki, Finland
get a sandwich on a hot dog bun at Subway

the thing that always amazes me about europe
is not how much things are different
but how they are so much the same
and i don't just mean fast food
i don't mean that at all
but when you're driving through the countryside
and the sun is low and streaking up the sky
like fire works on the fourth of july
even Finland looks a bit
like a scene on an american freeway

it's no wonder why
who crossed the atlantic
felt so at home
in the new world

i could drive this road all night, it would be easy, since it never really got dark

Yo La Tengo - * - big day coming - * - Painful

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"longest way round is the shortest way home"

Sentimentality is definitely the sister of similarity, thats the only time I really miss the old world...
Like fireworks on the fourth of July
all sudden and gone, but back in a reflection.

That said, the sky is upside-down in the other hemisphere.

So Australians must only get homesick in South America.

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