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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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The Crew: Stockholm, Sweden - Airport waiting....
back the Mac bitches

Yo La Tengo - * - superstar watcher - * - Painful

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I love that you are all Apple nerds!
I love my Powerbook.

we are so Mac Addicts
in fact, most touring folk are
it's very weird to see a PC
in the hands of band/crew guy
though some Audio and Lighting guys
are still PC because you can't run certain
systems on macs
but i know they see are machines
and lick their lips with jealously....

Fucking awesome picture. I like how further in the back the recess lights look like stars.

I noticed that in most of your pics in some form or another someone usually has technology in their hands. How geeked out has our world become. ...and me too.

we are early adaptors....

at least

i am.

Woah, guy in the middle is wearing an Easy Streets Records T-shirt too. That is the coolest music store here in Seattle. I think there are three of them. It's where I get most of my music from.
Very cool.

i dig East Street too

nice folks over there

they always hook us up

when we come through

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