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The Catwalk: AKA- The Streets of Manchester
I started out thinking this post should say "the men of manchester are quite well dressed", but, as I sit at my cafe' table along a walkway under the theatre, I realize, between bites of a delightfully rugged egg, bacon and cheese on toast, that the people of manchester, at least those out and about at 8:55am (I've been up since 6am!!) are fabulously well-dressed. Quite a shock compared to my beloved unkempt santa cruzians, not that I don't partake in the casual fashion mantra that pervades my fair coastal town, but on occasion, it's simply lovely to see men wearing suits that fit neatly, adorned with expertly tied double windsor knots and shoes you can see your reflection in. And i don't mean old stodgies, but young folk dress to the 9's; the whole lot of them look great. Well, back to work, The Bravery open for U2 today at Manchester City Stadium and there is work to been done!!

Scissor Sisters - * - Take Your Mama - * - Scissor Sisters (Bonus Track)

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Have fun today and take lots of pictures.

So does everyone there sound like Tim? You should go around asking people if they know Tim the Philosopher...

I've been tryiing to convince my wife to move to either Manchester or one of the pools... She was born and raised in Leeds, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Manchester... So it's nothing new to her... She doesn't fancy anything there anymore...

I guess for her, moving back to north England would be like me moving back to [i]New[/i] England... Oh wait... I did...

But yeh... You gotta slop a ton of H.P. on yer toastie, mate... It's bloody brilliant!

So Katy just told me you were running the Bravery's Eurotrip... why she didn't let me into this knowledge earlier, I have no clue, but I see that you guys will be playing the Wireless Festival on Friday. With this being London's only Fest (and having booked off work), I will definitely be going. Is there any chance of meeting up with you in the city before/after the gig? Let me know if that's cool- text, call, or email is great.

Hope you're enjoying the ride,
Lindsey (katy's friend from high school and huge joey's journal/bravery fan)

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