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the longest mile...

“Omaha, somewhere in middle America, get right to the heart of the matter, it’s the heart that matters most, I think you better turn your ticket in, get your money back at the door.”

So day three of The Get Up Kids Midwest weekend. The show tonight, in cosmopolitan Omaha, Nebraska, was a yawn, the crowd was about as interesting as bran flake sandwich. Oh well, what can you do. It’s kinda nice to be back in the mid-west , get a little taste of Midwestern winter without having to eat the whole freakin plate.

I’ve put on a couple holiday pounds, I guess it finally is time to get out the old jogging shoes, it’s about time, shoots, there was a time… fuck it, no glory days stories, they sucked, and I’m monumentally happier these days, so fuck trying to put gloss on days past, they sucked, end of story (not really I’ll most likely revisit this in some future entry)

Right now we’re in the van, driving towards Iowa City, we’ve got Queen blasting in the speakers, you’ve got to give the fuckin props to Freddy Mercury, he was the consummate front man (and back door man for that matter) you have to admit, Queen was the shit.

I’ve been feeling the itch to play music again. On some level I’ve been scared to even consider this option. See, most of my friends are really amazing musicians, me, I’m like the consummate water boy. Sure Climber ( had some success and to some degree put on a decent live show, but I’m not a “player”, I’m a guitar hack. But I really love playing live shows, and even though I can’t sing for shit, I love getting up on the mic and feelin that soul vibe. Begin laughing now, hell, I am. I guess we’ll see, I’m forever undecided, but that never really keeps me from trying new things, I just fret about them endlessly, but end up doing them anyway.

James is playing dj in the passenger seat, he’s got Warren G in the cd player, Regulators, mount up.

The night drive in the van; When I used to tour with MU330 I would get so excited for night drives, it always seemed like such an adventure. It still kinda feels like that, but now I would rather get up early than drive at night, it’s safer, and the view is better.

I need to buy an iPod, the 20 gig one, brother can you spare 500 dollars? Really, I need it, the music on my computer has grown past 5 gigs, it’s starting to effect the system I think. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I notice that my iBook is getting a little sluggish. iPhoto is worthless these days, I had 2003 pictures in there and it just gave up, so I had to back them up on cdr and then clear out the entire iPhoto library…not happy ‘bout it.

It sucks, I’m totally broke and it’s like 9 days to Christmas and there’s a couple people I really want to buy tons of gifts for, maybe I could somehow put a rain check on Christmas until the end of January… I won’t hold my breathe.

I think this might be my longest iJournal update ever, but it’s the middle of the night, it’s 76 miles to where we’re staying for the night and I’m wide-awake. So shoots, I’ve waited 7 years to get a laptop so I could compute anywhere anytime, I mine as well do it when I get the chance. The trick is, it’s so dark that I can’t see the keyboard, so I have to have the screen propped forward so far that it lights up the keyboard, but it’s so far forward that I can’t see the screen, and if you know me, you know what a shitty speller I am, so spell check must be having an aneurism.

Matt Prior is fully sitting straight up and is fully asleep.

3rd base is now playing.

Tomorrow night is the last TGUK show this weekend adventure, I fly back to the Cruz on Monday, I get in late, like 10:40 pm, which is kinda a bummer, but oh well,

No sleep till Brooklyn.

If computers were cars, we’d all be walking. It never fails to amaze me how poorly designed computers and software are. It’s definitely not OSHA approved.

Pixies just ended up in the cd player, why is it that no matter how many times I hear the Pixies, their music always sounds so fresh.

61 miles to Des Monies.

There are some things I’ve been slacking on lately, little chores that I really need to do, like writing my daily pages and working in my sketch books, that stuff really helps me keep it together, it’s an outlet I need. But again, it’s almost the new year, so I’ve got a reason to get my shit together. Plus this year I ‘m planning on adding a couple new resolutions to my usual one, which you may or may not know, are as follows, “Drink more, think less.” That’s been my new years resolution for about five years, and every year I really mean to stick to it, but after about a week of drinking, I stop, at least for a couple days…okay weeks, sometimes I just forget to drink, you know it takes a lot of work to be a drunk, and I’m pretty lazy. But the “think less” part I could really use, but of course, I always end up right back in the pocket, I over analyze, it’s true, I really do.

My new favorite thing to do whenever a cd starts skipping is to shout out "re-mix”, this never gets old for me, I’m not quite sure how other people are taking to it.

This Monkey’s gone to Heaven.

I have to warn, you I’m fully-fully all about this girl from west cliff, she’s a pearl worth diving for,

32 miles to the Motel 6.

We hit up the Super 8 Motel in Adair, Iowa, which is in the middle of nowhere, so much so that not even AOL has a local number, so no internet (I’m using Word to write this, I like the spell check a little better than my LJ client), but we do have cable, and lately I’ve been totally addicted to C-SPAN2 Book TV. It’s been on all night, I just leave it on and watch till I fall asleep. Right now there’s an author on named Michael Eric Dyson who wrote a book about Tupak Shukar. Very interesting.

It’s now Sunday, we’re back in the van, it’s 11:21 am and the nose of the van is pointed east and the show is in Iowa City at the world famous Gabe’s Oasis. We’re listening to the Crank Yankers cd, and we’ve Got Mail!

We’re hungry, and on the look out for a Waffle House.

This is the longest I’ve been awy from the internet since I got my laptop, I’m having withdraw. I’ve got all the signs, shakey hands, accelerated heartbeat, a impending feeling that there’s a very important e-mail that is just waiting for me to read.

Sunday, it’s 9:31 am in California, and the sleepy sounds of waves crashing on West Cliff are seeping in through the windows, and there’s a girl there who I miss dearly.

It’s 200 miles to Iowa City.

Don’t be talkin’ trash don’t be talkin’ trash.

Just got my stuff set up here at Gabe’s, and wouldn’t you know, I have four full bars of wireless internet… bliss.



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