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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
ok, i'm off to work

see you in december.

i will miss that couch, it's my home away from home

Smoking Popes - * - You Spoke To Me - * - Live

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Later, have fun and an amazing time.
Maybe I'll see you in September.
Great pic!!!

1) You're hair strangely resembles a toupee in that pic. 2) I'm gonna try to organize a trip to one of the east coast dates so that I can meet you. 3) Good times and well wishes!

Sure to miss you Joey!
Have a good time

my look is 95% bedhead..

not the product Behead mind you

just plain old bedhead!

December?! Whats work for you?

Hey Joey. When's the next time you'll be rolling through STL?

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