June 22nd, 2006


The Highway 17 Daily Jackass

06_22_06 highway 17 daily jackass

Welcome to the first installment of The Highway 17 Daily Jackass blog! Pretty sweet. So what is this Highway 17, and what are these jackasses doing that rates them blogworthy? Well, Hwy 17 is a dangerous stretch of asphalt that goes over the hill between Santa Cruz and San Jose. It’s curvy, slick, poorly maintained, and also the only effective way to get from the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area to the Silicon Valley. That means everyday thousands of people make the commute over our dear 17, and let me tell you, it’s a first-class view into why people generally cannot be left to their own devices. That being said, let’s get on with it shall we?

Today’s jackass had the good sense to nearly run over a motorcyclist, twice. In California, motorcycles can cut between the lanes and continue on through stalled or slow traffic. This means that as a car driver, one must be always on the look out for our two-wheeled comrades. Today’s jackass was not on the lookout and nearly knocked a guy off his bike. This happens; but what happened next is what got this guy the inaugural crown. This asshat proceeds to start a honk-fest with the cycler and then tail gates the motorcycle for almost a mile alternating between accelerating and slamming on his breaks as traffic crawled along. This of course caused all other traffic to slow even more as no one wanted any piece of this crazy town action. Great going jackass!!