October 17th, 2005


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In 26 minutes, Week 2 of my Business Law class will end. I didn't kick as much ass this week as i would have liked to. There were 2 days this week when i couldn't get online and there were few moments when i couldn't get away and get some work done. I guess that's just the breaks. I'm sure i did fine, at the worst i'll get a B+ for the week, but still that mine as well be an F to me.

I'm not sure why i care so much about school, but i do.
It's weird to do something totally for yourself, which is what this whole school thing really is. It's weird to have to remind yourself that this whole thing was your idea in the first place.
My biggest regret at the moment; that i don't have enough time to read each weeks assignments twice. I can barely get through once skimming and taking notes on the highlighted parts, but i really really really love anything to do with law. It's kinda freaky really; in that I'm 30 and it feels almost foreign to be genuinely excited about something.... i blame this on indie rock. Indie rock killed my enthusiasm gene.

Rilo Kiley - * - I Never - * - More Adventurous