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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
Can i just say;
that even though just setting foot
in the store might cause one to have a
scent induced stroke
that being said:
Bath and Body Works does have one rocking product
my dearest sniffer

I swear, since i started using this sweet little tin, i've stopped taking
allergy meds completely.... it might be worth a try.....

The Crimea - * - Lottery Winners On Acid - * - Final Album Cuts

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Do tell us more!! I am sick of having alergies!

it's kinda like Vick's,

only in a mini-tim that will fit in the

zippo pocket of a pair of jeans

simply sniff several times a day

and right after you sneeze

it really works for me, maybe give it a try

Isn't it a Native American trick to snap Eucalyptus leaves in half and sniff them when congested? Eucalyptus is the shiznit. It reminds me of my preschool which was covered in them.

I need to get me that latest product.

i've heard that too
if that's the thing
it gets the job done here

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