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(no subject)
you know how sometime you can pickup radio stations through electronic equipment?

like in Spinal Tap the movie, his amp picks up the control tower radio when they play the Air Force base?

that is happening to my external computer speakers.... except it's picking up the Rush Limbaugh show.... every damn morning!!!

Scissor Sisters - * - Lovers in the Backseat - * - Scissor Sisters

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how disturbing. I can sit and listen to the guy but not in the morning and I definitely wouldn't want his loud ass invading a song that I'm enjoying. Hey, Social D was fucking awesome. I had the greatest time. We were really close for one of the opening acts and I got kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. I was a bit annoyed but being in the middle of it all was fucking invigorating.

It's very weird,
the talking part is all fuzzy and garbled
and very very faint, it just sounds like background noise
but the soundbite they play before going to break
and when returning from a commercial is very loud!!

bone chilling

i don't mind Rush Limbaugh,
he's just an entertainer
if you look at him in that context
he is just a funny fat man on painkillers
but certainly don't want to have to listen to him

what a wanker.

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