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(no subject)
holy shit, it's 5:46am...
i am awake
drinking diet coke and
clacking away on the computer
holy fuck it's early

but it's 1:47pm in london
time to light up the cell phones
of my cross atlantic counterparts

fuck all i make no sense this early
how do people get up this early everyday?

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And I thought it was just me? Diner? ;-)

normally i would say hell yes
but i actually have to get work done... yikes

i have a ton of calls i have to make
and damn
people work even less in london
than they do in santa cruz....

it's only 2:21pm and 2 of the 4 people
i've called have already left the office for the day!!

Ya, only the insane people get up THAT early.....the cool people stay up that late!!!!

thats the thing, i usually do stay up that late!!

i woke up at 5am after forcing myself to go to bed at 1:30am!!


"how do people get up this early everyday?"


that is no lie my friend

It's called a 20oz. Sugar Free Ice Caramel Macchiato with Non-Fat milk. ^_^ add an extra shot if it was a late night too.

i will have to look into that

i don't like coffee
not even a little bit

but i've been meaning to force myself
to like it for some time now

maybe this is where i should start
i will have to consult my coffee guru Tim
over at LuLu's later today....

thanks for the tip though ;)

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