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this is Rainer's town

minneapolis, mn
quest club

every time i come here something breaks.
today it was my heart.
there's a girl/woman who lives here
her name is tivoli
she'll never speak to me
okay she will
but she'll never have any
interest in me other
than a passing have a funny conversation
in the front lounge of the bus kind of way.

rainer ( -he puts out my bands records) was at the show and he fully has a mohawk! Bro for it! we hung out and he gave me a copy of the new D4 record, and no, you can't burn a copy of it. today i barely even thought about my bag, expect for the 1300 times i went to reach for something in it and found it missing.

this town has lots of adult book stores
but i can never find anything to read in them
so i just look at the pictures

i'm thinking about moving to california this summer
anyone need a roommate?



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