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is today monday or tuesday?

We got a hint of the rainy season today, and due to the old ass ladder at P-street, i still haven't caulked my windows. I feared major leakage when the skies went grey and started waxing seattle, but when i got back to my room it was dry. My house mates guessed that the rain was coming down at the wrong angle to drench my windows, so i got lucky, but the full on rainy season is right around the corner, so i've got to get those windows sealed up.

There are now two girls on the west side i love hanging out with, how lucky am I!!!!

I'm flying to the mid-west on wednesday, hopefully i'll be able to survive a little middle-american cold ass weather. And the best part is, we'll be playing at the world famous Gabe's in Iowa City, wow, i like Gabe's and all, but let's be honest, it's a shit hole, and it's cold, and it's a fucking top-five worst load in.

You know you like someone when all of a sudden you notice you've been together all day and you really haven't done anything at all, and you totally don't mind, in fact, you find you wouldn't trade a second of it.

I've been looking at college recently. There's really no way for me to take classes at the moment, i'm never in one place for more than a couple weeks, let alone a whole semester, but i did find an online college U of Phoenix, but i also noticed that their classes are over $300 bucks a credit hour... ouch. Well, i'm still looking, but it might be awhile before i'm writing term papers again. In the meantime, i plan on reading more, and shooting tons of pics and getting Three Speed Booking running strong.

Whoa! Look at the time! I've been told that there is a door over off West Cliff that is open and waiting for a blue eyed boy to sneak through and here i am typing. Sillyness.



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