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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Take the 280, there's less traffic
It's 2:11 am, i should be at a bar, except that they all close at 2 here, and i'm tired, and i'm in for the night. I'm couch surfing over at Shannon and Dan's (Dan's show in SF went well, but we left after he played and drove back to the Cruz, we can't get enough of this place:) and though i guess i should be going to bed, what i really want to do is drive across town and see if by any chance, a certain girl left her sliding door open. Of course, it's late, and she's not expecting me tonight, so even though the door is most likely open, i think i would scare the shit out of her if i just slipped in, so instead i'm just doing a little aimless web surfing and trying to avoid the empty arm feeling of the couch. Of course, i could just walk across the street and sleep in my own bed at the P-Street house, but that would be silly, at least over here i've got elliot to cuddle with.

I find myself turning to tell her things even when she isn't here, then i smile, because i just do.