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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
I'm starting a booking agency.
I'm making mix cds for a certain lovely girl.
I'm about to watch Caddyshack.
I'm 195 pounds.
I'm playing guitar a lot these days.
I'm promising to write more.
I'm logging out.

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I am working a ton.
I higlighted and lowlighted my hair.
I am putting up x-mas decorations w/ T so my house actaully feels like home.
I am going to shows.
I am really happy.

This my friend, is a good thing.
You sound happier than you have in some time.
That is very cool.
Are you freezing?
I hear it's been snowing
in the mid-west.

Good God!
It is freezing here.
No snow yet.
I am not too swell at driving ingood wetaher so i am dreading ice an things!
I am doing very well. I have made lots o'changes since I moved here...
I think I am the happiest I have been w/myslef sicne college.
I see you are doing quite nicely, too.
I am dying to here more about this lady of yours ;)
(it's about time!)

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