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(no subject)
Well, here we go, off to NYC for the start of the Ash tour
i'll try to stay updated for everyone keeping score at home
so far today, Bagel place at the airport: 2, Joey C: 0
But i did get a bit done via the wi-fi here at SJC Airport
so it's not a total wash. Pre-board has started and we'll
be off soon, they are giving out free headphones! which
could mean a bad movie during the flight!!!
dare to dream, dare to dream

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I love you, don't crash.

I love that city!!! Best of luck and have a good time!

Since we are new friends, I don't mind not having a clue what you are talking about. What is the Ash tour and why are you going to NYC? And, more importantly, why didn't you invite me??? ;)

Joey is an insanely kick ass tour manager for various artists. Tour must start in NYC [the band: Ash].

Find them on the internet and see if he's coming to a city near you!

Taipei? That would be amazing but I doubt I'll see them here :)

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