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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Ash Routing
Coming soon to a city near you....

US Ash Routing 2005

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(Deleted comment)
Will you be able to hang w/ us in Mpls? :)

No St. Louis......let's revamp this tour!!

hey I'm gonna come march 9th too..... I miss ya joey

Okay. Now that I know what this is all about I must tell you that you are NOT the only friend I have in the music business. That's right, some of my other friends are cool, too. One is even a tour manager, too (I think he's working for Lillex right now). His name is Boink. No, I'm not making that up-- it's all true. Someday I will tell you about my days as a roadie and the months I spent on tour across Canada. I know, I know... such a coincidence, huh?

Anyway, when you play at Richard's on Richards, there is a good chance that your HOB rep will be my very good friend Peter Clyde. If so, you must hang with him as he is superduper cool and I miss him terribly.

Have you ever been to Vancouver before? Ah, home...

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