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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
so i bought new glasses today...
because i'm stupid.
these are the only pair they had that i didn't hate
and i also get new lenses put in my old pair
as part of the deal
i'm such a sucker. i shouldn't be allowed
to shop alone
dork city

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oh we should have gone together. ;)
but it's fun that you have new things.

you know i can't be trusted
to do these kinds of things
on my own!!

i think you've looked good in all the glasses i've seen you wear.

i credit my special effects department

they do wonders with an airbrush....

your new glasses are fantastic!

i'm hoping they grow on my

i even got the non-glare

super clear unscratch-able ones

apparently i can say goodbye to

monitor induced eye fatigue forever!!

ok i never reply in your journal but I just had to say you look pretty cute in those glasses

I know what you mean.
When I get in my manic phases, people need to take away my debit card.

looks like a good purchase to me :)

i hope so,

i even bought the insurance

so it looks like i'll have these for awhile...


haha well like i said ... it looks good to me so i think you're alright ;)

i really shouldn't be allowed
to have access to anything plastic

you're cute.
i dig the glasses.

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