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Up above are California stars...

Sunday nights used to be scary. I hated sundays because school was always right around the corner. I didn't hate school, i just wasn't any good at it until i couldn't afford it anymore. Right at the end, when i was finally getting the hang of it, i had to drop out. But i'll go back one day, no worries.

Now though, sundays are mostly about watching football, hanging with friends and lamenting the fact that i can't spend the entire day in a certain someone's bed.

A got to do some new things this weekend, a beach bonfire being the most exciting! I've never been to a fire on the beach, it's pretty much awesome and rad at the same time. Excuse me while I speak 80's for a moment. Did i mention I'm completely and totally falling for the aforementioned certain someone who's bed i've been lucky enough to fall asleep in?

Danny P and I played guitars most of the day today. We worked out some of the second guitar parts for some Danny P solo songs, and we had a productive band practice, but the most fun of all was sitting down with Dan and working on one of my songs that i've been writing forever but could never really get quite right. I could sing the parts, but i couldn't figure out just the right chords and transitions. So Dan and I have been hacking them out and the song is really coming together.

I've been having trouble staying awake at night lately, yes, me, having trouble staying awake. I've also been falling asleep during movies!!! I'm also having trouble convincing a certain someone that for most of my life, up until the last month or so, i've been a raging insomniac! You wouldn't know that now, i'm barley making it into the second act before i'm dozing!

On kinda of a downer note, i was just doing a little budgeting for the next month and i figured out that i misbudgeted the last couple months. Getting my car out here wasn't in the budget at all. I had to get car insurance and it took about a hundred in gas to get out here, so that was about 400 that i hadn't planned on. Since the last two months have been slow touring months, i'm going to have to go on a crash diet! Any other month this wouldn't be a problem, but it's december and there's Christmas, and i'm going to be so broke. This is a real bummer of a development.

It's 11:00pm, i need to be making my way over to the western part of town, there's a certain door i need to be sneaking in, so goodnight, sleep tight, and hopefully you're next to someone you like (who bites:)



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