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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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(no subject)
Looks like Jack In The Box hired someone hip
to come up with those pithy little sayings that
so elegantly adorn their beverage containers
Hair Did!! sweet

Also, have you ever noticed,
that it doesn't say
"Jack In the Box"
it says
"Jack In The B (then there's a Jesus fish logo)"

i mean it!! LOOK!!!
Jack In The B-Jesus Fish

Curtis Mayfield - * - Think (Instrumental) - * - Superfly

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have you heard of jerm pollet??? he did this whole sketch thing at his shows where he would talk about how all fast food restaurants were being taken over by conservative christians without us knowing about it.....

Popeyes (or is it POPE?? YES!!!!!!!!)
Jack in the Box...and that fish
i think the KFC logo looks like jesus when it is turned sideways or something...

i forget them, but it was pretty hilarious.

Jerm and I go way back!!

It's totally his bit!!

Jerm Rulez

I tried looking up Jack in the Box and In and Out Burger on http://buyblue.org.

Supposedly it lists how much each company spends on which political party and rates them accordingly.

But alas neither were on the list. But I did send them an email asking them to look into these companies.

LOL that's hillarious. Jesus fish things make me laugh >_>

oh man joey, you and yr christian conspiracies

First picture, amusing in an interesting sort of way (mostly for the fact that they mentioned "adult swim") ....

Second point, wasn't really getting until I saw the picture. Greatness. Laugh out loud, in a real sense, greatness.

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