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A Warning Shot Across Your Bow
Beware! Put away the china and lock your doors, turn on the voice mail and shut off the lights. I just rented the second season of The Sopranos. Talk to ya'll sometime next week :)

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The Sopranos...ah yes. I love that fucking show!!!

Is that a Koufax hat??? Sweet lil' John Cruiz (like I can spell) is gonna be the drummer in Tony's new band me thinks.

John is a lil'sweetheart! We're going to be in Europe together in Jan, we play on doing a lot of drinking and pilliaging(sp?) Anyhoot, Happy Thanksgiving! Tell everyone i said hey!

A belated happy Turkey Day to you...

Am I Gonna get Whacked?

Is that the correct spelling of the word? Whack? Wack? I don't know. I'm not down with the lingo.
Anyways, I'm almost afraid to say it (partially because of the mafia connection, but more so because of the huge fan base), but I'm not a big fan of the Sopranos. It seems to be a show that you are either way into, or pretty much indifferent about. I never really watched them in the beginning, so I never caught the bug. I can see how people like it, but I get bored when I watch it. It is as if you have to have seen every single show in order to understand the nuances of the plot.

I'm much more into shows like Law and Order that aren't as character driven and have episodes that can stand alone. Although if I had watched Sopranos from the start, my opinion might be different.

Here's what i suggest. Clear a Saturday afternoon/evening, rent the first season, order pizza, turn the phone off, and let the Sopranos work their charm. It's true, you kinda have to watch them in order, but it's so worth it. As far as spelling, i'm not so good. But i think that to kill someone would be *whack* and if something is fucked up it would be *wack*, but don't take my word for it:)

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