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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Live from the MacExpo 2005
Holy crap
I'm at the MacExpo in SF
i have press credentials...
holy shit i'm legit
like real press credentials
like free lunch
free gear
access to the press tent
This is Joey C. reporting
i'm in freakin MacHeaven bitch
I'm here to shoot photos
of new iPod accessories
for UGO Networks
according to my press badge
i'm a freelance writer!!!
Tracking down leads and shit
woot woot
i knew i had it in me!!!

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i was wondering if you went through with it. let me know if they release the headless imac.


Yay! Will they give you a pair of new iGlasses?


you are soooo damn lucky. Not fair at all ;)

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